Supply Chain Issues are NO JOKE!

And they effect all of us.


We’re doing everything in our power to provide you with all you need for AVL, including drum enclosures. If somehow you’re not aware of the record number of container ships stuck outside California ports, let me just tell you that it’s time to be thinking ahead.

And it’s not just a shipping problem. The raw materials used in our glass, microchips used in many different products – it’s all hard to get right now because of shortages.

Right now we’re about six months out on orders. I’m telling you this because if you need something, you need to call me now. Lead times are just getting longer, for us and everyone else in our industry.

We’re working our tails off to stay ahead of the curve. Busy doesn’t even begin to describe it. But because you’re important to us, we want to set you up for success in the next year, and I’m never too busy to talk about how we can do that. Let’s talk.