Why acoustics matter more than you think

Standing in the chancel area of an old European cathedral is almost a religious experience in itself. Every sound is so acoustically rich that no electronic amplification is needed (or wanted). If your church happens to be one of those, you can stop reading here.

Most of the rest of us try to control acoustics. We invest in equipment with a particular sound quality in mind, but it doesn’t sound the same in our own worship spaces. Why? Because your space is an instrument too.

Think about the inside of an acoustic guitar. Every surface, from the bracing, to the sound hole, to the species of wood, is chosen intentionally and precisely to produce a particular sound. Your worship space might be working the same way, with less than ideal results.

The truth is that you can spend all the money you want on better equipment, but if you ignore the acoustics of your space, you’ll never get what you’re looking for.

We’d love to talk with you about your acoustics. We’ve designed acoustic solutions for some of the country’s leading churches, and we can help you too.