A peek inside the R&D shop

A peek into the Whiteley R&D shop https://vimeo.com/466304812Your needs drive our research and development, and we’re listening. Whiteley Systems & Solutions was founded on innovation. Our products are constantly changing in response to the needs of our customers. A large part of our office space is taken up by a shop we use for custom […]

Why acoustics matter more than you think

Why acoustics matter more than you think Standing in the chancel area of an old European cathedral is almost a religious experience in itself. Every sound is so acoustically rich that no electronic amplification is needed (or wanted). If your church happens to be one of those, you can stop reading here. Most of the […]

Welcome to our blog

Do you have trouble keeping up with new technologies in live production? Even if you stay on top of all the new products, it can be hard to know what’s going to impact your production and make your life easier. That’s why I’m writing you today. Over the last decade, our company has grown. A […]